Neil Rose and Kawika Shoji discuss the various strategies at Regency Capital and how they have done in the first three years of the firm.

  • Past performance is never indicative of future results but looking back at the All-Weather Absolute Return, Balanced & Diversified, All Stock, Global Stock and Income Plus results as a way to evaluate process is always a valuable tool.
  • Long-Term vs. Short-Term view of performance.
  • The emotional components of investing. How leaning into a process can minimize emotionally driven decisions.
  • Why now is an interesting time for income investors.

The content provided in this document is for informational purposes and does not constitute a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer to purchase or sell securities. Nothing should be considered personal financial, investment, legal, tax, or any other advice. Content is information general in nature and is not an attempt to address particular financial circumstance of any client or prospect. Clients receive advice directly and are encouraged to contact their Adviser for counsel and to answer any questions. Any information or commentary represents the views of the Adviser at the time of each report and is subject to change without notice. There is no assurance that any securities discussed herein will remain in an account at the time you receive this report or that securities sold have not been repurchased. Any securities discussed may or may not be included in all client accounts due to individual needs or circumstances, account size, or other factors.

It should not be assumed that any of the securities transactions or holdings discussed was or will prove to be profitable, or that the investment recommendations or decisions we make in the future will be profitable or will equal the investment performance of the securities discussed herein.

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