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Regency Capital is a private asset management and wealth advisory firm serving high net worth individuals, families and select institutions. We support and enrich lives through steadfast fiduciary values, outstanding talent, and a powerfully rational approach to money and life.

Regency Capital at a glance:


Risk Management

We believe the key to protecting and growing wealth lies primarily in managing risks and avoiding unnecessary speculation. At Regency Capital, risk management is the core of our investment approach – for preservation and growth.


We are investors with a wide lens for opportunities but high standards for quality and liquidity. Humility, conservatism, and vigilance are constant influences on how we see the world and screen investments.
Quality Control


Our continuous cycle of change and improvement is a core value. Refining sensible processes are an important part of our daily work. Process is vital for a surpassing client experience and fewer unintended mistakes.


Investing is always uncertain, so we believe in getting right the things that are under our control. Diversification, position-sizing, tax efficiency, work ethic, and service are examples of the many low-hanging fruit and value-adds often overlooked.

The ReCap

Our latest insights and thoughts.