Introducing Kayla De Leon

Introducing Kayla De Leon

It goes without saying that talent is all-important to any organization, especially to a business almost wholly comprised of human capital rather than plant and equipment. Talent is also rare. It seemed rational and necessary to make talent itself—the finding, procuring, caring, and feeding—a priority and process, and from Day One. 

I knew future additions to the team would be few and far between. That assumption proved wrong in late January when Arthur spoke of someone he planned to recruit. Like with everything else he does, our president and chief operating officer over-delivered and with speed. 

I can happily announce Kayla De Leon has joined Regency Capital as Director of Administration. Kayla comes to us from Northwestern Mutual where she was Operations Manager, leading and implementing numerous administrative and operational processes for the firm’s Hawaii office. 

Previously, Kayla ran the office operations of the Los Angeles-based Team Rubicon USA, a non-profit providing disaster relief to those affected by natural disasters globally. Organization and process management for any sizable non-profit requires a special professional. We recognized that Kayla’s job was an even taller order given the nature of their work, providing tactical operations on the ready, with no two operations the same. We thought she would do just fine in the constantly changing, never-finished business of investing.

Kayla graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Art History. (The diverse education and skills already at Regency Capital put a smile on my face. There is fluency in three foreign languages here; I contribute nothing to this statistic.) 

Kayla’s talents and experience have already elevated Regency Capital to another level. Kayla is a natural problem-solver, a trait highly prized here. And it’s clear she can organize anything, with high attention to detail, precision, and efficiency. The rest of us are already experiencing a boost to our productivity and effectiveness. Kayla is making us better.

No doubt, Kayla’s impact on our firm—your firm—has just begun. For now, take my word that we all scored big. You will see for yourself soon enough. 

Warm regards,

Neil Rose Regency Capital Management
Neil Rose, CFA

Chief Executive Officer & Analyst

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