To state the obvious, 2020 was a year like no other. For me, in addition to dealing with a historic pandemic and wild, bipolar stock market—I turned 40. The birthday milestone with a Covid crisis predictably meant a lot reflection, contemplation, and circumspection. It also evoked a greater sense of gratitude and optimism. The time filled me with thoughts of a better future.

My 2020 ended with leaving Cadinha & Co. to start my own firm.

19 years ago, I began a professional investment career at Cadinha as an analyst and portfolio manager (how time flies). It has been an adventure, especially over the past 14 years as Chief Investment Officer. Over that time, together we experienced—and persevered—The Great Financial Crisis, a new era in deficit spending and money printing, and an acceleration of new technologies and digital business models disrupting and surpassing companies once considered unbeatable.

And, of course, we met a historic pandemic in Covid-19, the worst phase of which is not yet behind us. The moment is one of contradictions—in the economy, among businesses, and even on a personal level with life spent more at home and thinking about the future.

The future for me is a vision for an investment firm with a continuous effort to add value and deliver positive change. It means more and enhanced services, insight, and care. My future is building a team of exceptional professionals with shared values, dedication, and work ethic. And I will get to do what I do best, but better. 

I am thankful for my years at Cadinha. They are fine people and deserve continued success. I wish them the best. 

Today is Day One at our new firm, Regency Capital Management Inc. I am eager to tell you our story and about the team in the coming days. 

Until then, do not hesitate to call me anytime.  

Warm personal regards,

Neil Rose Regency Capital Management

Neil Rose, CFA