Tools and Technology

An important and growing edge at Regency Capital is our focus and continuous improvement to process, including our systems, technology, and tools.

Today, thanks to technology, the playing field has been levelled between big and small firms and between older and newer firms. Regency Capital builds and refines its systems and technology in a way that is rational and iterative, allowing for numerous advantages in our work and in the client experience. Some of these advantages include:

  • Idea Generation and Investment Research: We have built an integrated system of data access, research sources, and analytical and due diligence tools to find, vet, organize, and accumulate information. Our knowledge and analyses grow overtime and in a way that yields better insights and investing opportunities in the future.
  • Risk Management and Quantitative Analysis: We use tools and quantitative methods to refine our research and increase our awareness of various risks. We don’t justify decisions with “gut feelings”—we want to see the numbers. With quantitative capabilities, we can also understand better each investment’s role to the portfolio as a whole and how various factors and scenarios may drive performance and risks.
  • Better Communication and Client Experience: To better increase transparency and clients’ awareness of their investments, we build sensible, readable reports (including customized reports and studies). Through the Regency Capital App, clients see reports, statements, and our communications, in a secure document vault.
  • Wealth Management and Financial Planning: Our financial tools help clients see their total financial picture. Clients can link outside assets and accounts to our systems for a more complete analysis and better forecasting and simulation capabilities.
  • Security and Mobility: Security is a paramount concern at Regency Capital, yet we realize increasing online access doesn’t necessarily increase security risks for clients. In fact, it can improve one’s overall security. We deal with software and technology that meets or exceeds government and industry standards for security while allowing for mobile access and integration via APIs.