Neil Rose, CFA

Chief Executive Officer & Analyst

Neil Rose, CFA is the founder of Regency Capital. Previously, Neil worked for nearly two decades spanning roles as an analyst, portfolio manager, chief investment officer, and president at a regional investment advisor. In 14 years as a chief investment officer, Neil’s work included managing multi-strategy and equity strategies, asset allocation, and securities investments. Neil was early in ETF-based investing by forming ETF allocation strategies in 2003. 

Neil considers himself a student first and a business analyst second; he thinks the two roles have given him greater insight and results than his experiences trading, market-timing, and forecasting. Neil boils down investments to their simple truths, looking for his criteria, including powerfully compounding businesses. Rather than talk about the upside of businesses he invests in, Neil would rather illustrate their special nature and strengths that serve to mitigate macroeconomic risks. 

Neil holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and graduated from Harvard with an A.B. in economics with honors. 

Neil Rose, CFA

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