Rational Wealth Management

Like with investing, WEALTH MANAGEMENT should be a RATIONAL process. 

What is more rational? For starters, getting rid of financial planning forms that assume one’s needs are satisfied in one of a limited number of solutions listed at the bottom. Rational means focusing on process, not products.

At Regency Capital, we start with a pen, blank pad of paper, financial calculator, and our fiduciary duty and listen to what you have to say: your story, your concerns, your objectives, and your unique circumstances.

While your values and financial situation may be similar to others’, no one has the same circumstances and life you have, and so a wealth approach tailored and unique to you is not only reasonable—we think it’s rather rational.

Through Rational Wealth Management, clients receive:

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Developing an Investment Policy and investing parameters
  • Proactively engaging and leveraging your other professionals—tax and legal professionals—to increase the soundness and tax efficiency of your wealth
  • Timely implementation of strategies and tactics as laws and tax codes change
  • Consulting services to make your business and family enterprises more efficient and successful
  • Sensible and informative reporting
  • Document management
  • Periodic reviews and adjustments as circumstances change

At Regency Capital our Rational Wealth Management services include Comprehensive Financial Planning.