Investment Philosophy

Dedicated to investing RATIONALLY.

We believe that when done right, one’s securities portfolio becomes a driver of wealth accumulation, a reliable source of value and liquidity, and a diversified and complementary asset to your real estate, business, and other investments. We seek superior risk-adjusted gains for our managed portfolios and increased soundness to your overall financial picture.

We are investors with a wide lens for opportunities and uncompromising standards for quality. We approach markets humbly and with little bias outside of a desire to maintain overall portfolio quality, liquidity, and relative conservatism. The outcomes we seek include timely and sensible asset allocation and valuable, actionable insights.

We seek to discover and exploit UNRECOGNIZED SIMPLICITIES, not deal in financial complexity.  – Neil Rose

We are lifelong learners and voracious readers, mindful of our “circle of competence” and what we don’t (or can’t) know. We actively study mistakes—ours and others’—and believe doing so is a major source for investment “edge,” worldly wisdom, and improving our craft.

Above all, we strive to be rational investors, understanding that, at its core, investing is about obtaining value.

We are first and foremost diligent investors with a wide lens for opportunities but high standards for quality and conservatism.